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Steel doorframes

Our product range comprises either basic range including common types of single framed steel doorframes usually sold in retail chains (full-range construction stores, specialized building product stores), or extended range including doorframes of various types and makes (double-framed doorframes, doorframes for security seals, doorframes with atypical measures or doorframes with various construction and technological modifications) - find the text below.

The basic range of products comprises following types of steel doorframes:

  1. doorframes for classical brickwork — types ZH, ZHt, ZHtm
  2. doorframes for classical brickwork — type ZO
  3. doorframes for cellular concrete bricks — types YH, YHt, YHtm
  4. doorframes for gypsum walls — types SH, SHt, SHtm

The extended range of products of our company comprises following types of doorframes:

  1. double-framed doorframes (bevelled edge) — types HR, HRt, HDt, HSt used especially for monolyth walls, usable for brick walls or SDK walls as well.
  2. doorframes for hard concrete building — all types, specified for security doors or fire seals
  3. doorframes with upper portholes, lateral portholes or porthole combinations
  4. corner doorframes for renovation purposes
  5. doorframes with rabbet
  6. doorframes with optical halfrabbet
  7. doorframes with parted termal bridge
  8. doorframes with a special profile shape - hospital use
  9. doorframes for doors without a halfrabbet with 3D adjustable hinge pockets Simonswerk — type VX or Tectus
  10. doorframes for swinging doors
  11. frames for accordion or roller doors

All supplies of the doorframes with atypical measures are arranged on a demand basis followed by a price and term offer.

Prices of basic types of doorframes and a catalogue in Czech language are available on http://www.montkov.cz/.

Please forward all your concerns on engineering solutions and prices to info@montkov.cz